Friday, 3 November 2017

Leaked! the extremely rough demo of Max Key's Eminem Diss Track

Almost a week has gone by since former fist son of New Zealand, and probably carrier of the dominant Ponytail Pulling gene Max Key announced on social media that he would record a diss track targeting one of the National Party's many nemeses, the rapper Eminem (as distinct from their other nemeses the Labour Party, Winston Peters, MMP, the general electorate, and common sense). The only catch was he wanted ten thousand Facebook likes first, surely an easy target in a world where a teenager managed to get 3.6 million Twitter retweets in his quest for some free chicken nuggets.

A rap rivalry for the ages
And indeed as predicted, Max has past his target, and Netflix and Children can officially revealed that he ha started recording demo versions of his track in his bedroom late at night, trying not to wake up his parents John and Bronagh. Unfortunately, given technical difficulties, he's been reduced to using freely available, Apple software, so we can only hope that the eagerly awaited final cut sounds a little more polished, Max.

And of course, we eagerly anticipate the Real Slim Shady's response to these vicious rhymes!

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