Tuesday, 19 February 2019

The Otaki Kite Festival 2019: a photographic essay

On Sunday we went to the annual Otaki Kite Festival.It promised fun for the whole family. We drove south, with songs by Mary Poppins and Kate Bush floating through our heads. The first kite we saw looked like a giant sperm.

Though, in fairness, from beneath it retained a much more PG rating.

Kite representations of animals filled the air. Many floated together in symbiotic harmony, though this carefree panda seemed blissfully unaware it was being hunted by some demonic hentai spirit.

Other kites brought to mind annoying childish ear worms, whilst posing marine taxonomic questions such as 'is it a fish or a mammal?'.

Whale shark do do do do do do, whale shark do do do do do do

Of course, it wouldn't be a kite festival without blatant political statements and protest. The country paid $26 million so this guy could fly his stylish kite. Money well spent? Who's to say.

There were no Red Peak kites. Nor Lazer Kiwi ones, sadly.

Other kites were demonstrated more of a human anatomy and physiology theme. This man flew a representation of the morning after a hot curry.

Others took on a nautical theme. Are the often any pirate kites at the Otaki Kite Festival? Yes, there aaarrrrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!

As we headed  up the beach, what could only be described as a massive tribute to the comic actor Leslie Nielsen (1926-2010) took to the skies. Nice Beaver!

It launched right as we were about to leave. For the sake of this blig, it was the Just in Beaver.

Finally, we got back in the car in order to drive back north. Leaving the festival, I couldn't help but feel a little deflated.